About Us

Rolling Wine is a wine shop specializing in selling natural wines from around the world.

The project was born in 2015, from an idea of Tommaso Colo’, a dreamer, a traveler, a great lover of good wine and music lover. A path undertaken initially on his own, faced with a lot of passion, always putting his face to it, with all the difficulties of those who discover a new universe for the first time. The first years were of study and training, in which Tommaso traveled a lot: sharing with winemakers and drinkers to exchange ideas and values was fundamental during this period. This led Rolling Wine to grow, to become more structured and to “believe” more and more, especially thanks to the support and strength of so many friends and producers.

Now that the project has grown, Tommaso’s dream has become a shared reality, in fact Rolling Wine does not want to be just a simple wine e-commerce, but wants to be a community, where everyone, both winemakers and drinkers, can progress, share impressions and have fun. Yes because wine is fun, it is joy and freedom! And above all, it is art!

Winemakers are true artists: their scores are the vines from which they take the grapes, the grapes are the musical notes and the wine is their song, a unique symphony.
They take what nature gives each year and turn it into something beautiful, unrepeatable and absolutely to be loved and respected.

To conclude with a short anecdote: the name Rolling Wine was born from the idea of combining Tommaso’s two great passions, namely wine and music. After many sleepless nights of writing and thinking, the final name came while listening to “Sympathy For The Devil” by the Rolling Stones. It sounded good and was the perfect combination. That night (many years ago now) Rolling Wine was officially born.

Thank you all.

“If you want to see me happy you only need a few things: a record player, two (or even more possibly!) good bottles of wine and a table with lots of people” – Tommaso Colo’.

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