Rolling Wine’s natural wines from the Basilicata region. Discover the wines from Basilicata we have carefully selected amongst the products of thousands of authentic winemakers. Born to be natural, born to be rock!

Our best-selling wines from Basilicata

Rolling Wine’s best-selling natural wines from the Basilicata region. Discover genuine wines with a rock n’ roll personality from this fascinating part of Italy.

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  • IT - Basilicata

    Accamilla Camerlengo



    Accamilla 2020 Basilicata IGT


    Orange wine

  • IT - Basilicata

    Juiell 2018 Camerlengo



    Juiell 2019 Basilicata Rosato IGP


    Rosè wine

Wine from Basilicata

As far as wines are concerned, Basilicata is best known for its red wines of the Aglianico variety and, in particular, for the Aglianico del Vulture designation.

Basilicata is one of the most mountainous regions in Italy, with around 47% of its landmass being mountains and a further 45% hills.

The mountainous terrain and harsh climate make viticulture a challenge. But the region still enjoys plenty of sunshine during the growing season mitigated by Balkanic breezes and cool temperatures around harvest time.

Is Basilicata ready to claim its rightful place in the pantheon of great wine regions?

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