Rolling Wine’s natural Greek wines. Discover the Greek wines we have carefully selected amongst the products of thousands of authentic winemakers.

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Rolling Wine’s best-selling Greek natural wines. Discover genuine wines with a rock n’ roll personality from this fascinating part of the world.

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Greek wine

In some parts of Greece, wine has been produced for more than 4000 years. Autochthonous grape varieties such as Assyrtico, Agiorgitiko and Xynomavro have always benefited from Greece’s geography and climate.

In fact, viticulture can be found in virtually every corner of Greece, although its scale differs greatly from region to region. Vinification and cultivation styles also vary considerably from area to area.

One particularity associated with Greek wine is Retsina, a ‘wine’ made by adding pine resin during fermentation.

Greek wine gives you the knowledge of the past with a decidedly modern flavour.

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