Valle d´Aosta

Rolling Wine’s natural wines from the Valle d’Aosta region. Discover the wines from Valle d’Aosta we have carefully selected amongst the products of thousands of authentic winemakers.

Born to be natural, born to be rock!

Wine from Valle d'Aosta

The Aosta Valley, despite its small size and totally mountainous terrain, produces a wide range of both red and white wines. The most important of its grape varieties is probably Picotendro, the local form of Nebbiolo.

The region offers exclusive indigenous grape varieties such as Bonda, Cornalin, Crovassa, Fumin, Mayolet, Ner d’Ala, Neyret, Petit rouge, Premetta, Prié blanc, Roussin, Vien de Nus and Vuillermin.

The rigid climate and high altitudes allow, albeit with great effort on the part of the winemakers, the production of unique wines with practically irreplicable characteristics.

In Valle d’Aosta, it is still possible to find ungrafted vineyards, completely untouched by phylloxera louse.

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