Our manifesto

Rolling Wine represents a dream. A dream we have strongly believed in for many years, embodying a set of agricultural and social values on which a better future can be built through knowledge and information.

We have always maintained that the best wines are made with patience and wisdom, without the aid of chemistry either in the vineyard or in the cellar. And this is because we simply think that it is not necessary. It has been from the very beginning one of the fundamental principles that have set us apart in the chaos.

In 2015 when the project was born few believed in it and many people thought we were crazy.

A few years later we find ourselves in a completely different situation. We are not interested in being the top of the class, we are more interested in being “different” and having an immediate and emotional approach to wine.

For us, wine is to be drunk and enjoyed, indulged as if listening to a Pink Floyd or The Cure record.

It is to be called by name, just as we call the winemakers on our site by name because we toast together when they succeed in a bottle refermentation or because we console them when they toss a carboy for an experiment gone wrong.

And today, although after a few years we have become more "serious" and structured some things we want to keep unchanged.

We want to be irreverent and outspoken, professional but never saccharine, because we know that wine is everyone’s and for everyone. It is important to be unfettered, free to create, experiment and surprise, like real artists. In a nutshell, we want to rock!


We want to shout that NATURAL WINE is quality wine, obtained without shortcuts and chemical manipulation. A wine born to rediscover tastes and flavors and to enhance territories and grape varieties that, with industrialization and modernity understood as consumerism, have been lost or forgotten.


We want to shout to the world that organic does not necessarily mean natural wine.


We want to fight stereotypes. We often hear phrases like: natural wine stinks, natural wine does not exist, natural wine is the “farmer’s” wine (meant in a derogatory sense), and you could go on. Nothing could be more wrong. Some people probably do not like and accept the term “natural wine,” and one day we will emancipate ourselves from this word and return to calling it simply WINE. But as of today we think it is the only way to differentiate it and to make people understand a way of working that respects the environment and the land.


We want to communicate a new approach: everyone has different tastes, a wine cannot and should not please everyone. For us it is like a punk song or a conceptual work of art: it has to be understood and then if you don’t like it there is nothing wrong with that, it is part of the game, the important thing is to understand what is behind it and always ask the right questions. Simple, cold sensory analysis is no longer enough.


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