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Moscato d’Asti DOCG 2021


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IT - Piedmont 0.75L 5.5% Vol.

grape varieties: Moscato
vinification: Pressatura dolce, defecazione statica, fermentazione spontanea in autoclave, blocco della fermentazione
aging: Negli stessi contenitori
serving temperature: 6-8° C
ALLERGENS: sulphites

Bera’s Moscato d’Asti is a real treat, versatile and full-flavored. Great for Sunday brunch or simply for an afternoon break, accompanying the glass with your favorite dessert.

Orange blossom and apricot, sweetly effervescent, low in alcohol and very rich in flavor.

In addition to the wine, the winemaking itself is also pure poetry, one of the very few spontaneously fermented Moscato d’asti with no filtration. (Read below)

Winemaking process

It all starts with the quality of the grapes, the oenological goal is to find the best balance between sugars and acidity, in choosing the perfect time for harvesting.

Fermentation is spontaneous by indigenous yeasts and without temperature control. The wine is not sterically filtered like most commercially oriented Muscat wines produced in the area. With cold weather, fermentation is stopped, the heavy lees are separated, and the wine is left with its own fine lees to mature.

In small batches then, the wine is “reawakened” by slightly raising the temperature, which initiates secondary fermentation. This process is stopped by lowering the temperature again when the wine reaches an alcohol level of 5.5 percent and a residual sugar of about 140 g/lt.

Sweet, delicate and intense wine, a real gem!

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