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Ca di Cò, Marzabotto, Bologna

Al di là del Fiume


15000 bottles in the cellar

Specialities: Orange wine


Young company located in the beautiful area of the natural park of Mount Sole in Marzabotto in the province of Bologna.

Danila and Gabriele, now manage the 27 hectares of land, 4 of which are vineyards, of which the farm is composed. Grapes, ancient grains, orchards and vegetable garden, managed with great passion and a love that can be touched by hand.

Only indigenous vines and a natural processing with the use of amphorae and long macerations, which aims to be together: a guarantee of quality and a tribute to the history of these places.

A family history.

It all stems from Gabriele’s grandfather and father, who worked this land at “Ca di Cò” (Casa di sopra) as sharecroppers many, many years ago.

Danila and Gabriele worked other jobs, but when the opportunity to buy this farm came up, they didn’t pass it up: “we thought it was dignified for our history to close that circle, for us and for our children.”

When they entered there was not much left, the 27 hectares present were in a state of neglect and uncultivated, the vineyard uprooted despite being historic and qualitatively very important, the current winery and tavern a ruin.

Thus began a great deal of research, study and renovation work. The local elders told that at Ca di Có they produced Barbera and Albana wines, of absolute quality “the best in the Reno valley,” they said. And so the very first hectare was planted with these 2 varieties.

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Field and cellar, the philosophy.

The journey was just beginning: the search for the best grape varieties to use in the winery led to the choice of only local indigenous grape varieties and the current extension of 4 hectares (with still 6,000 meters to be planted) in which were added: Pignoletto, Montuni, Negretto and Alionza, on which there is the ambitious project of a pure vinification.

The philosophy and practices are those of biodynamics, applied in a very rigorous way. In the field as in the winery, operations are carried out to preserve the naturalness of the process; on the one hand by providing the plant with all the necessary tools for its own self-regulation, and maximum valorization, and on the other hand with the use of the terracotta amphora, which has proven to be fundamental for both Albana and Barbera, whose maximum expressions are found in the “Fricandó” and “Dagamò.”

It was hard. Especially because the first year, 2014, the year of the difficult transition to this activity, a hailstorm completely destroyed us. We didn’t harvest anything, but we understood how necessary it was to accept the idea that no matter how much effort we put in, we are a piece of something much bigger than ourselves, and because of that it is wise to give up all illusions of control.

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