Cantina Giardino (8)


Cantina Giardino


Specialities: Orange wine


Illuminating path unofficially drawn in 1997 by real even made vinification in the garage and materialized in 2003 with the purchase of a property winery based in Ariano Irpino. Cantina Giardino now has about seven hectares of vineyards in Fiano, Greek, Aglianico and Coda di Volpe, all conducted in organic viticulture and strains of up to 100 years of life. A set of components on the action as well indicative of protection designed to preserve the unique heritage of the place. The vineyards are spread out in various municipalities of the region of Irpinia, with consequent diversification of soils and are managed directly from Antonio Gruttola and his wife Daniela, with the exception of a small portion of grapes purchased via micro conferitori and whose analyzes have never detected residues of substances from the use of chemical synthesis (Alessio Pietrobattista, "Fiano Earth", Ed. Est., Rome 2015). In the winery fermentations are spontaneous, with maceration more or less long, for a line of wines produced in the most natural way possible and whose liquid aspires to be pure territory extract.

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