Abruzzo, Pescara, San Valentino in Abruzzo

Feudo d´Ugni


Specialities: White wine


Christian Galasso is Feudo d´Ugni. After her studies of art, after a few years she decided to go back to basics, in the campaign and the vineyard, under the imposing Maiella. In 2001 she began working with a small vineyard of Muller, in 2002 rents the first vineyard di Montepulciano, in 2004 the first bottling. Alone, without support, really starting from scratch: she lives on a ruolotte, the cellar of an old stone cottage, the job all by hand and with an old track used. First official bottling and recorded in 2006. The determination and tenacity to produce authentic wines from healthy grapes and treated the bare minimum with copper and sulfur, without any technology and only little sulfur in the cellar. The fear of not making it, having to sell the grapes for a living and great humility are his daily bread today. The wines are white with Trebbiano, rosé and red with Montepulciano, all table wines but actually authentic expressions, bloody, visceral of a large territory which is the Abruzzo.

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