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Mezzane di Sotto, Verona

Il Monte Caro


12000 bottles in the cellar

Specialities: Red wine


Il Monte Caro was born in 1986 from an idea of Enzo Marcolini who, together with his wife Carla, discovered by chance a hilly terrain between 150 and 300 meters above sea level in Mezzane di Sotto, fell in love with it and decided to stay there, starting a new agricultural adventure.

On this mountain, commonly called "sassaia" because of the almost total amount of limestone rock found there, they planted olive groves and vineyards and built an artesian well and a rural house, thus giving life to the estate.

Monte Caro is one of those vibrant, life-rich places to which it is impossible to remain indifferent. 7 hectares of vineyard, forest, olive groves, fruit trees and wild herbs completely surround the house and winery.

A Zoning Project

Predominantly limestone soil with a large variety of flints and to a lesser extent basaltic rock, which can only give finesse and minerality to the wines, and a constant breeze ensures freshness and elegance to the wines.

Beautiful Veronese and Trentino pergola vines.
Today, Emanuela and Giorgio are running the winery, putting more and more attention and energy into microbiology, using fermented and partly self-produced herbal decoctions and creating biodiversity.

They are also devoting themselves to a careful study of the vineyards that will bring to fruition a zoning project, which is already underway, because each wine comes from a precise parcel, because although they are all close together they are very different.

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