Villa Celiera, Pescara, Abruzzo



50000 bottles in the cellar

Specialities: White wine


"Lammidia is our personal project, started from scratch, by us; it was not a family business, we did not own vineyards or land before.

We started producing 1,000 bottles in 2010 and have always been self-financed by selling our bottles that grew year by year, with our skills and a lot of love and passion." Marco and Davide

100% just grapes

Each label bears the words “100 percent grapes and that’s it.”

This alone is enough to understand the production philosophy of these two guys from Villa Celiera, a small village inland from Pescara, perched on the foothills of the Apennines.

There’s a lot of fun to be had in the cellar, where to this day you can find all kinds of wine vessels (wood, terracotta amphorae, fiberglass, etc.) and a lot of different equipment, suffice it to say that each cellar operation is carried out in a unique way according to the cuvèe.

For example, one will find wines mellowed with feet, others with grapes crushed in a pneumatic press, and still others pressed in an old manual wine press.

This is because Davide and Marco never stop experimenting and learning new things. “Throughout the process we neither take away nor add anything, but we try year after year to bring out the best expression of that grape.”

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