Friuli Venezia Giulia, Trieste, Duino



28000 bottles in the cellar

Specialities: Orange wine


Placed among vineyards and typical karst vegetation, the Zidarich winery, located in the heart of the Trieste Karst and established in 1988, enjoys a beautiful and unique location.

It was on this very land that Benjamin Zidarich, with a strong innovative spirit, promoted new ideas with great determination, revolutionizing his father's winery, expanding the then half a hectare of vineyards to today's 8 and favoring the indigenous varieties of the area with careful and respectful farming.

A declaration of love for his land

Karst is stone shaped by time
From the limestone rock melted by water
was born the little red earth
The seeds of the plants that transmigrate
from east to west pushed by the wind
have left their trace
In this strait between the sea and the mountains
man used what he found
he managed to cultivate on the stone
his animals grazed in every corner
after the barren and inhospitable Karst
the green has returned
protected, loved, enjoyed.” Benjamin Zidarich

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