Red wine 
Fante 2016 Vino Rosso

Producer: Feudo d´Ugni

Fante 2016 Vino Rosso

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Fante 2016 Vino RossoItaly, Abruzzo
Pescara, San Valentino in Abruzzo
Fante 2016 Vino Rosso0.75L
Fante 2016 Vino Rosso14% Vol.

Fante 2016 Vino RossoGrape variety: uve rosse
Fante 2016 Vino RossoVinification: Maceration of three weeks. Vinification in barrels and concrete tanks for two years
Fante 2016 Vino RossoAging: n wood and concrete
Fante 2016 Vino RossoServing temperature: 18-20° C
Fante 2016 Vino RossoAllergens: contiene solfiti
A sanguine and tenacious wine, a mirror of the territory from which it comes. A wine that calls on food to blunt its power and strength.
From the producer

Feudo d´Ugni

Cristiana Galasso is Feudo d'Ugni, or, as she calls herself, the matchmaker vintner. After finishing her art studies, after a few years she decided to go back to her roots, that is, to life in the countryside and the vineyard, in a pleasant place perched in the high hills below the imposing Maiella.

In 2001 she began her experience with a small vineyard of white grapes, in 2002 she rented the first Montepulciano vineyard, in 2004 the first bottling, slowly, one step at a time.

Alone, without support, really starting from scratch: she lives in a ruolotte in the vineyard, the winery is in an old stone house, the work is all manual and with the help of an old second-hand crawler. The first official bottling was in 2006, already with excellent results.

Fante 2016 Vino Rosso
Fante 2016 Vino Rosso