Sparkling white wine 
St Laurent Ancestral 2022

Producer: Claus Preisinger

St Laurent Ancestral 2022

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Gols, Lago di Neusiedl
St Laurent Ancestral 20220.75L
St Laurent Ancestral 202211.5% Vol.

St Laurent Ancestral 2022Grape variety: Saint Laurent
St Laurent Ancestral 2022Serving temperature: 8-10° C
St Laurent Ancestral 2022Allergens: contiene solfiti

Claus' Ancestral St. Laurent comes from vines planted on gravelly, limey and marly soils in the municipality of Gols in the heart of Burgenland.

St. Laurent is also the name of the grape variety from which it is made. An ancient variety indigenous to this area, it is perfect for sparkling wine production given the taut and fresh character it can give the wines. The method of production is the oldest: once the grapes are crushed, the must ferments spontaneously. Before the fermentation process is finished, it is bottled and sealed with a crown cork. Fermentation ends and the CO2 generated is incorporated into the wine, going on to form the famous "bubbles."

On tasting, it is a swirl of fruit and juiciness. Not to be missed!

From the producer

Claus Preisinger

"My wines are a reflection of nature. I do not intervene artificially, either in the vineyard or in the cellar. Not even if it would improve the result, I prefer to be content with what nature offers us rather than meddling and manipulating it." Claus

St Laurent Ancestral 2022
St Laurent Ancestral 2022