White wine 
Blanc La Plana de Guiu 2022

Producer: Laureano Serres

Blanc La Plana de Guiu 2022

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El Pinell de Brai, Tarragona
Blanc La Plana de Guiu 20220.75L
Blanc La Plana de Guiu 202212.5% Vol.

Blanc La Plana de Guiu 2022Grape variety: Garnacha Blanca, Macabeu
Blanc La Plana de Guiu 2022Vinification: Spontaneous fermentation in amphora
Blanc La Plana de Guiu 2022Aging: In steel and in amphora
Blanc La Plana de Guiu 2022Serving temperature: 12-14° C
Blanc La Plana de Guiu 2022Allergens: contiene solfiti
White wine mainly from Macabeu grapes and a very small amount of Garnacha Blanca harvested in early September that fermented with brief skin contact (4 days) in large amphora in the Pinell de Brai winery. Aged in stainless steel until Christmas which was followed by a short rest in amphora.

Young vineyard wine all played on immediacy and fruit, among which emerge hints of pear, a revitalizing and fruity juice, more dry than soft with a slight astringency.
From the producer

Laureano Serres

Laureano Serres is a true legend on the Catalan wine scene. A true pioneer of Spanish natural wine, he has played an influential role in inspiring many other producers in the area to return to their winemaking roots.

Laureano's story is one of a return to his roots. He worked as a programmer in Madrid, but soon decided that a change of life was necessary, so he returned to his home town, Pinell de Brai in Catalonia, to manage the local winegrowers' cooperative. A couple of years later he set up on his own, bottling wine under the Mendall label from the 1999 vintage. The decision to work organically came early on and since 2002, after forgetting to add sulphur dioxide to his wines and enjoying the result, he has never gone back.

Blanc La Plana de Guiu 2022
Blanc La Plana de Guiu 2022