Beato Angelico IGA 2016 Terre di Giotto


Producer: Terre di Giotto

Region: Tuscany

Alcohol: 6,5% vol

Format: 0,75L

IGA (Italian Grape Ale)

Available now: 0 pz.

Terre di Giotto

Gattaia, a hamlet of Vicchio del Mugello, houses since 2006, the Azienda Agricola Terre di Giotto, project run by Michele Lorenzetti, biologist and oenologist, which since 2004 carries a consultant in Biodynamic Viticulture. Many are his collaborations with various companies from all over Italy (and not).

The land is between 500 and 600 meters in altitude for a total of three hectares, of which one hectare of vineyard planted with Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Rielsing and another 2,000 plants provenineti mass selection from old vineyards of the Loire, the Ferme de the Sansonnière Mark Angeli.

The soils are typical of the Apennines, limey-clay loam, rich in shale and sandstone.

Beautiful is the story of this Earth. Already at the time of the Medici Mugello territory he was chosen for the production of wine. In 1855 Vittorio degli Albizi the winemaker inherited from his father a considerable estate landowner between Arno and Sieve and its Apennine begins his experiments. Plant tens of hectares of "exclusive vineyard" replacing the Trebbiano with French vines to early maturity in order not to imitate French wines but to produce distinctive wines in this area that only the "noble" grape varieties allow.

For now produced three wines: the Gattaia Blanc, Gattaia Red (Pinot Noir) and Massimo (Riesling Renano)