Brutal 2017 Les Bories Jefferies


Producer: Les Bories Jefferies

County: France

Grape Varieties: Grenache Noir and Cinsault

Alcohol: 13,5% vol

Format: 0,75L

Winemaking: spontaneous fermentation in whole bunchies for 3 weeks

Serve at: 16-18° C

Available now: 0 pz.

Les Bories Jefferies

Joseph Jefferies, born and raised in England, began his vigneron adventure in 2003 after arriving by chance in the Languedoc to renovate a house where he and his wife Amandine moved.

In the village of Caux he learns how to make self-taught wine. After the first years and the first experiments it is influenced by Bernard Bellahsen (Domaine de Fontedicto) and by a second producer of the area, Rémi Poujol, and decides to work in the least invasive way possible. Describes its wines as "homemade", to emphasize their ability to be consumed in everyday life. Its wines are distinguished by their minerality, elegance, frankness and ease of drinking.