Ironista 2017 Podere Anima Mundi

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Podere Anima Mundi

Podere Anima Mundi is located in Lari, in the province of Pisa, a small and charming village that for centuries has represented the center of an important wine production of quality guaranteed by the precious native vines (Pugnitello, Foglia Tonda and Colorino) and the unique conditions climatic conditions in the area.

The brackish meets with the hilly air influencing the agricultural and wine production in a truly unique way.

The estate covers 17 hectares of which 4 are destined for vineyards and 1 for the olive grove. The main vineyards are two:

- The vineyard 2 Venti, which best expresses the duplicity of the land in which it is born. Thanks to its unique position it enjoys the influence of the tramontana and the libeccio, sea and mountain winds, which enhance the quality and taste of Pugnitello.
- The Mor di Roccia vineyard takes its name from the great underground rock that occupied the land. It is located on a hill facing south west, at an altitude of 185 m s.m.l. The soil presents the sandy structure coming from the Pliocene sand.
Thanks to the influence of the sea during the summer there are interesting thermal excursions that allow the perfect ripening of the grapes.