BarbaRoig 2017 La Gutina


Producer: La Gutina

Country: Spaing

Grape Variety: Garnacha Gris

Alcohol: 14,50% vol

Format: 0,75l

Winemaking: spontaneous fermentation in steel with skin maceration for 13 days

Aging: in steel. No So2 added.

Average Production: 500 bottles

Total SO2<10mg/l

Available now: 0 pz.

La Gutina

La Gutìna is a Catalan bodega run by Joan Carles Torres and Barbara Magugliani (she is a Milanese architect, very nice!) In the province of Girone in the Alt Empordà area, practically on the border with France. Until recently this celler immersed in a wild nature was called Can Torres but then for legal and copyright reasons it was decided to rename the property as La Gutina.
The property belongs to the family of Joan Carles from several generations and here as elsewhere the cultivation of the vine went into crisis and with the passing of the years, the vinification on its own was abandoned and it was decided to sell all the production of grapes to a great producer local. When Joan Carles and Barbara inherited the farm in 2006, they decided to settle there because their desire was to re-evaluate it for its great environmental, landscape and historical heritage.
the wines that the couple will present in Milan are pure, without added sulphites and expressive of the local terroir. In total, 8 hectares of vineyards are cultivated, 3 of which were planted between 1953 and 1968, all located around 100 meters above sea level and all belonging to the municipal districts of Sant Climent Sescebes and Espolla, within the DO Empordà.
The ground is made of granite sand (jabre), with the presence of slate / quartzite stone. The vineyards are led to albarello (en vaso) without irrigation. The climate is Mediterranean, with mild temperatures both in winter and in summer. The characteristic wind of the area is the north wind, which blows strongly throughout the year, while the average annual rainfall is 600 ml. The tasks in the vineyards are essentially manual: pre-pruning, pruning, pruning in green and following the growth (binding and smoothing the old vines, lowering and raising the threads of the vineyards). The couple fertilizes the soil with organic fertilizers and also sows herbs and legumes. During the winter, in order to control the plant blanket and contribute with the organic matter to the earth, we allow a bunch of Mas del Marcè sheep to graze on the farm. As treatments for the earth, "hot bordelés" and sulfur powder are used and year after year, we try to integrate them with natural and alternative treatments to combat pests.